People first

“I dream of a time when the first option of most citizens when facing some difficulty whether pension rights, social assistance or support from the police, is not to have to resort to a politician. For Greens, people first, not as partisans or clients.”
– Dr. Harry Vassallo, Chairperson, Alternattiva Demokratika, The Times, 14/9/2007

3 Responses to “People first”

  1. Jacques René Zammit Says:

    Ralph. It seems that this site has no RSS feeds and cannot be added to such newsreaders as bloglines ( – you should try to add one.

  2. Ralph Cassar Says:

    Thanks for pointing this out… excuse my ignorance by do you know how I can add RSS feeds on … at the very bottom of the page there is: Entries (RSS) and Comments (RSS)…aren’t those RSS feed?

  3. Ralph Cassar Says:

    This seems to be the RSS feed url:

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