The hate brigade

Ralph Cassar


Is anybody (except the Gonzi groupies and PN’s own Manuel Cuschieri’s writing in The Times ‘comments’ pages) still convinced that the ‘new way of doing politics’ promised by the man himself will start sometime soon?


The list of shame is getting longer and longer.


Jeffrey Pullicino Orlando voters – oh my oh my how embarrassing. If you feel misled and betrayed just phone Lawrence and Joe (Saliba). You might catch them reading ‘The Prince’.


Armier Squatters – Good one! You really know how to work the system guys… As for the PM’s values and ethics, well, no comment necessary!


Drydocks – sitting on a problem for twenty years. Utterly irresponsible.


Mistra, Fort Cambridge etc. etc. etc. – reform? Environment and quality of life a pillar of government’s policy? You must be joking.


And did I hear correctly Joe? 4 million liri (!!!) spent on the new glass house at Pieta. Well your party supporters are VERY generous aren’t they?


Getting back to comments on websites. The hate, intolerance, bile and vilification of anything not ‘blue’ is too incredible too believe. Well that doesn’t matter as long as you sing ‘ta’ Kattolici, ta’ Latini’ isn’t it?

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