No condoms please … we’re Nationalists

‘In 1999, government requested experts to draw up a national sexual health policy. Nine years later, the umpteenth attempt has been sabotaged by the health department’s resistance to one word: CONDOM’

‘Amanda Ciappara [Ministry for Health spokesperson] outlined the minister’s position that “condoms are not necessarily the answer”.’

In the meantime… the incidence of STDs continues to rise dramatically.

( story from Malta Today midweek 9/7/2008 )

When is the government going to stop playing holier-than-thou and stop this silly and ignorant charade? 9 years to draw up a policy because of ONE word! As usual the Nationalists play holier-than-thou not to scare away the ultra-conservative moralisers in their midst.

How sad… Vision 2015 indeed!

One Response to “No condoms please … we’re Nationalists”

  1. Andre Vella Says:

    When it comes to public policy they usually fail to perform their duty. Truth is there is no-one capable of drawing up such policy because the government fails to allocate funds to the many understaffed departments…..

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