Alternative Energy

30/08/08 The Malta Independent

by Ralph Cassar


What a refreshing and positive article by Sarah Bonnici about the potential of alternative energy in Malta (Energy and Growth, TMID 27 August).It goes without saying that the economic benefits of directing at least part of our economy to innovation and investment in new technologies are there for the taking. The technology is there. What we need now is, as Alternattiva Demokratika has been proposing, to help families invest in alternative energy systems, taking pressure off our fossil fuel power stations and in the process creating a local market for products which with the right fiscal incentives can be manufactured locally.

German legislation spearheaded by the German Green Party in government, provides an interesting example which can be adapted to Malta. But we need targets, deadlines and political will to get there, not government ministers rubbishing alternative energy as if it is something which is out of reach. Technology forcing through appropriate legislation has worked elsewhere; Malta is also on planet earth as far as I know.

Ralph Cassar
Alternattiva Demokratika – The Green Party
spokesperson on Energy, Industry and Transport

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