Simon and John agree on…

John Attard Montalto

Probably Simon Busuttil will be marching in Valletta with environmentalists in 2 weeks time. He is a master and expert at projecting the image of a goody-two-shoes. But let us see where he really stands on some issues.     

Regarding hunting – he is one of those who reassured hunters time and again that they will be able to hunt in spring – the most important season for birds and when families can enjoy the little left (…after his friends from the PN in government failed to deliver on their 1987 promise of ‘pajjizna jwarrad bis-sbuhija’) of the countryside. In this he shares the same position like Labour’s MEP John Attard Montalto, who never fails to defend his hunter constituents.     

Take the tuna issue. Simon again joined John and Labour in voting in favour of the interests of the tuna mega-industry. In favour of a handful one company in particular. Simon and John are against the necessary tough measure to preserve the tuna stock. they chose to please the tuna ranching industry instead – that is a handful of millionaires.     

Simon and John agree on a lot of things… probably they say that their decisions are ‘in the national interest’. Mintoff used to say that too. Even when he went overboard he used to say that he’s doing things ‘fl-interess nazzjonali’.     

On dust he talks and talks about dust from quarries, which yes are a nuisance. I also work on the issue of this nuisance through my work on the Attard Council. Trying to come to a solution for a quarry which has been leased from government for 60 years is not at all easy. The reality is however that Malta is exceeding the dust (PM10) limits mainly because of pollution from traffic. Tackling the traffic issues ONLY will lead to improvement in air quality. It is the PM10 dust from burning fuels which is the most dangerous to health because this very fine dust (invisible to the naked eye) lodges deep in our lungs and may carry dangerous substances with it, such as heavy metals. A dusty verandah and a dusty ‘komodina’ because of dust from limestone is one thing (which MUST be tackled), dust from burning fuels is another, more serious and deadly issue!     

On environment and public health issues both ‘GonziPN’ strategist Simon and ‘progressive-and-moderate-two-in-one’ John agree wholeheartedly. Simon poses as an ‘environmentalist’ and he gets away with it. There are many who cannot see though this deception. That’s life I suppose.     

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