Some politicians have a habit of speaking as if they are members of some religious order: spouting platitudes about values left, right and centre. The thing is ‘values’ only come in when it comes to sexual morality: family, divorce, sexual orientation… the commonest formula is ‘Malta has always defended the family bla bla bla Christian values are a tenet of our society…’… obviously just words which mean nothing concrete.

Lawrence Gonzi and his party uses this formula over and over again. It is very effective because who doesn’t appreciate his or her family and the sense of security a family give each and everyone of us? This is not the issue, the issue is that as a society we must and should accept that there are people living in different circumstances who are also citizens of the state and thus deserve the protection and legal instruments that the state offers, or should offer to all its citizens.

Inherent in Lawrence Gonzi’s rhetoric about values is a certain hypocrisy, because at the same time that he is crusading against divorce his government has ignored measures which really and truly help the family. Take income tax for example. The rate of income tax in this country does not depend on the number of dependants one is supporting. So whether with 10,000 Euros a year you have to support 2 or 3 children or not does not make any difference – you still pay the same amount of income tax as anyone else.

At the same time that Lawrence Gonzi is spouting rhetoric about the family his government promotes internet gambling. A candidate with his party, who is also a lawyer represents a huge online billing company based in Malta which makes money from internet pornography sites. I’m not discussing pornography but the hypocrisy of a party which projects a certain image but in reality is guided by just one principle: as long as it means money, anything goes.

And worse of all, while Lawrence Gonzi makes yet another speech about values his government sends Somali migrants back to Libya. Hypocrisy at its best. Will we see a billboard in Zebbug about this? I doubt it.

When will Lawrence Gonzi and his party/government (they are one and the same) start treating Maltese citizens like grown ups?

2 Responses to “Hypocrites!”

  1. robertcallus Says:

    Good article and to the point Ralph. Honestly I can’t believe what the hell is going on in this country. The only difference our Prime Minister has from the most disgusting and corrupt leader in any EU country – Silvio Berlusconi – is that he doesn’t make sleazy jokes about young women. Otherwise there is barely any difference.

  2. Ruth Chircop Says:

    Gonzi will treat Maltese citizens as grown ups only when Maltese people grow up or grow a brain. Unfortunately, leaders represent their people, the level of ignorance and greed of the leaders is only a reflection of the level of greed and ignorance of the people that elect them. Until the consciousness of the majority changes, the type of politics in Malta is not going to change!

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