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The PN discusses divorce… Mamma mia!

July 31, 2010

The Times reports that in the year 2010 the Nationalist Party (yes, they still call themselves ‘nationalist’ like fascists used to call themselves in the 1920s!… and they still use a hymn reminiscent of Mussolini’s infamous ‘Giovinezza’) discussed divorce at executive level and decided not to decide anything but decided to discuss more and more and more (for about 10 years probably!).

Lawrence Gonzi, Carmelo Mifsud Bonnici, Mons. Tonio Borg, Tonio Fenech (the guy promoting gambling), and the vast majority of the people who decide party policy are obviously against giving people a second chance in life. The are in favour of treating adults like little children… so much for a supposedly modern party.

The simple truth is that while the PN is a laissez-faire party when it comes to the economy (which translates into letting the powerful economic actors run roughshod and turn this country into a concrete and tarmac jungle), it is socially and culturally stuck in the 1920s.

Those who campaigned for the EU but are not Nationalists, and there were thousands of these people, voted for a forward looking country … these people cannot vote for the party of backwardness.

As I never tire of insisting: the real threat to this country and us all is the suffocating PNPL duopoly… this same duopoly is the reason why loads of issues are put on the backburner and why this country has been sold for peanuts to those who finance PN and PL. A real democracy means: clear rules on party financing, a reasonable electoral law, a real and proper whistle-blowers’ act and of course pluralism where politics is based on discussion and transparency.

Obviously, it ultimatley depends on how you vote.