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Jimpurtak minn ħaddieħor? Ivvota IVA…

April 27, 2011

Daqt Mejju… min jifhem li ħaddieħor għandu jkollu ċans jirregola ħajtu u jibda mill-ġdid se jivvota IVA fir-Referendum tat-28 ta’ Mejju. Żur dan il-blog, ippromvovieh ma’ sħabek…

… u uża dan il-logo fil-profil tal-Facebook tiegħek:

The PNPL tribal war: electoral tricks…

April 4, 2011

Of course the manoeuvering to disenfranchise thousands of young people from voting in the forthcoming referendum is disgusting. This is nothing new. These types of dirty tricks have been going on for ages. The PN and PL have a long history of excluding others from the electoral process and of dirty tricks before and during elections from seeking to eliminate people from the electoral register, to organising the mass exodus of the dying and seriously ill people from hospitals and old peoples’ homes, to playing around with electoral districts.

They control the electoral commission and have made sure that we remain stuck with an outdated electoral law – the reality is that the satus quo suits them both. In 2011 Maltese citizens are still not able to vote from abroad. Unlike other countries where an eligible voter, on reaching the voting age can collect a voting document from his local electoral office even on election day itself, in Malta the PL and PN are still stuck to the archaic electoral register system, which in the information age is only updated twice a year. This in a country where every citizen is assigned an identity number at birth. But the PN and PL big brothers want to have the time to scrutinize each and every voter, especially if he or she belongs to the other tribe. What’s good for other countries is obviously not good for ‘special’ Malta.

Whatever their rhetoric we all have both PN and PL to blame for the current state of affairs. Their tribal instincts are still going strong. A good idea of the silly, petty and tribal instincts amongst the ‘new’ PN and PL young activists, including some PN young people who call themselves ‘liberal’ while at the same time propping up a confessional party and its ultra-conservative leader can be found on social networks with both tribes accusing each other of improper conduct, when in actual fact it is these two parties who have fiddled around with the electoral and voting process for years on end. ‘New’ people, old mentality.

PL u PN iħawwdu fit-tajn u jwaħħlu f'xulxin!


Use of renewables for a vibrant economy

April 1, 2011

Ralph Cassar, spokesman for energy, transport and industry, Alternattiva Demokratika – The Green Party, Attard

Lately Lawrence Gonzi said that we could not continue depending on volatile regions of the world for our energy requirements. This very late realisation of fact, I’m afraid, shows a lack of foresight and vision. We are already very late.

The only way forward is reducing inefficiencies in power generation, reducing dependence on fossil fuels and investing heavily in clean energy production.

The centralised model of producing energy has to be rethought – we can have lots of small clean-energy producing units together with other technology such as solar water heaters, which although they do not produce energy, reduce energy consumption by a significant amount. As a country we have not moved fast enough and we are still lagging far behind.

Whether we achieve the modest target of 10 per cent of our energy from clean sources by 2020 still remains to be seen.

The enthusiasm for clean energy at household and local level is very encouraging. In Attard, for example, it has been decided that for the necessary upgrades to bring pedestrian crossings up to standard, clean technology, unconnected to the power grid, will be used.

As a local councillor, I am proud to have pushed for this and similar initiatives. I am sure that other places are also taking such steps.

However, it goes without saying that the biggest push must come from the government. The advantages of moving towards renewables, through a bridging with cleaner fuel such as gas, are numerous. A country which is at the forefront of new technologies means a country with a vibrant economy, a healthier population and a forward-looking mindset which should be of benefit to one and all.