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Suggestions for Route 54

September 27, 2011

Apart from raising this issue (along with other issues) during council meetings I also sent this email directly to Arriva.

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am a local councillor in Attard. Some of my constituents, while happy that the new route 54 has been introduced have made some
suggestions which, in my opinion, will improve the service you are providing, while at the same time also possibly increasing patronage of this route.

As you might be aware H’Attard has one of the highest number of students who attend the Msida Junior College. My suggestion is that on
arriving next to Saint Philip’s hospital in Psaila Street, route 54 continues straight on through Hamrun, through Triq il-Kappillan Mifsud, up to Kuncizzjoni Church, and then next to Victor Tedesco Stadium (Triq Schembri), the Hamrun Main Road through to Blata-l-Bajda. Junior College students can alight somewhere on Kappillan Mifsud Street and can walk down the short distance through for example Triq it-Tramm to Junior college. All these streets are wide enough for buses.

Passing through the streets I suggested will also mean that other commuters will only need to walk a short distance to Msida ‘Kullegg’
bus stop and will also offer a direct route to Hamrun from Attard, increasing travel options. I do not think this will increase the trip time significantly. Passing through Regional Road is useless both for commuters and also for the bus company since nobody needs to alight there, and I assume that it is in your interest to increase bus use as much as possible.

I would appreciate if this email is passed on to Arriva officials responsible for monitoring and updating routes.

Ralph Cassar
Local Councillor