Albert Mizzi’s cheek

The Sunday Times (25/03/2012) carried an interview with Albert Mizzi yesterday. The cheek displayed by this man is astounding.

This man made a career rubbing shoulders in the corridors of power. Keeping his mouth shut as long as it suited him well and was good for business was his motto it seems. While holding the post of chairman of Air Malta he was also Boeing’s agent in Malta – cool.

He tells us that most politicians are dishonest. Ok. What he doesn’t tell us is that there are also those who wield a different kind of power (economic power?) who don’t lift a finger or speak up. There are also those who build a career out of sucking up to whoever calls the shots. As long as it’s good for business it’s ok.

Then he tells us he is ready to discuss Manoel Island – what? Cannot sell all those flats it seems. Maybe for once we’ll let the ‘free market’ work … Don’t build any additional flats then. Simple.

3 Responses to “Albert Mizzi’s cheek”

  1. MarkBiwwa Says:

    So true Ralph!

  2. Michelle Attard Tonna Says:

    I was reading the interview and kept repeating to myself – Seriously? Well done Ralph.

  3. carmelcacopardo Says:

    Berti jrid idahhaq!

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