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Lilliputian dreams: Chris, Giovanna and Austin

April 27, 2012

The tunnel pipe dream for the gullible in the news again (election candy obviously), from the same people who couldn’t even get a bus system right.  These same people had said that a fast hydrofoil connection costing a couple of million a year was unfeasible – and now without any geological studies they want a tunnel. Chris, Giovanna and  bulldozer Austin must be desparate to propose such irresponsible waste of money when the same amount (which government does not have anyway and when the EU will not just hand out the cash just like that), could be put to much better use.

With half a billion euros we could have free at point of use public transport for all for the next 50 years. Or else, how many kilometres of light railway, partly underground, would that half a million build? How many clean energy projects would that sum finance? But it’s time to grab the votes of the gullible few.