Ta’ Qali action plan – my submission to MEPA

The Director of Planning

(2012 Revisions to the Ta’ Qali Action Plan)

TheMaltaEnvironment and Planning Authority



Comments about the Ta’ Qali Action Plan revision

Ralph Cassar, local councillor (AD), H’Attard



Open spaces should remain open. Planting and afforestation should be restricted to the use of indigeneous and locally grown species. Noise and light pollution are issues which need to be addressed.


Convention and Exhibition facilities

The document makes reference to energy saving features for the convention and exhibition buildings proposed. The document should also make reference to light and noise pollution. Noise from the MFCC reaches Attard’s residential areas and its environs, with the noise being particularly of a nuisance late at night and early morning – midnight till 4am. A probable cause is sound systems which are not installed and designed professionally with towers of speakers projecting sound over too long a distance. Conditions on levels of sound should be imposed. Outdoor activities after midnight should be limited and even here sound limits should be imposed. Technological solutions exist. Sound barriers and other options such as heavy planting should be a condition for the buildings and outside areas. Embellishment around the facilities should use indigeneous and locally grown trees and shrubs.

Motor sports

The control of noise is also an issue here. Sound barriers should be a condition, together with heavy planting all around the complex.

Access to Ta’ Qali

Access to Ta’ Qali by private vehicles should be through the main arterial roads, access through residential areas such as Attard should be discouraged.

Mass transport of spectators and partons to mass events should be encouraged. As such the provision of parking should be restricted, with facilities available for easy access to the stadium and other facilities by large public transport veichles – minibuses, coaches and buses – and the provision of adequate, sheltered and comfortable areas for commuters.

Safe bicycle and pedestrian routes from nearby Attard, as well as safe cycle routes from Rabat and Mosta should be actively considered. Cycle parking facilites – preferably sheltered should be provided.

All new roads should have space for trees and shrubs on their sides.

One Response to “Ta’ Qali action plan – my submission to MEPA”

  1. Godfrey Camilleri Says:

    Proset Ralph – very good points – keep up the pressure.

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