Cyclist? Pedestrian? Do you live in H’Attard?

I want to hear from you… especially if you live in H’Attard, since I am planning some local initiatives.

I want to hear from all those who use a bicycle whether it’s for leisure or for commuting. I want to hear from you on how to improve conditions on our local roads, educate and inform residents about safety and help create better conditions for cyclists and pedestrians.

I would also like to hear if you would be interested in a mass cycling event in H’Attard. Or maybe you’re interested in joining a sub-committee on local mobility issues. If you are interested please contact me by email on

Ralph Cassar
Local Councillor, H’Attard


2 Responses to “Cyclist? Pedestrian? Do you live in H’Attard?”

  1. Godfrey Camilleri Says:

    Proset tal-inizjattiva dwar cycling Ralph. Iva nkun interessat f’mass cycling event li tista torganizza ghal H’Attard. Keep it up.

  2. Ralph Cassar Says:

    Tajjeb. Inzommok infurmat Godfrey. Ghadni qed nara naqra hawnx interess. Aktar ‘il quddiem johrogu avvizi ohra, nispera.

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