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Defending “prostitute politicians”

June 26, 2012

The stupidities spouted by the one-brain-celled party supporters which infest this island is astounding. Everything goes as long as the ‘leader’ says so. Here is a comment made on about Joseph Muscat’s latest stupidity:


A. Mizzi

Today, 07:46

MEPA is not competent FULL-STOP especially after it’s recent blessing on the permit at MostaValley!

Malta can no longer afford MEPA and it’s decisions and appointment of Board Members should be by PUBLIC CALL and not from someone’s Yellow Pages!


The argument of this idiot goes something like this: MEPA is not competent.

…and it is not competent (or I would say, there is no political will to put an end to the destruction of what little remains of the countryside) because it approved a building permit in Mosta Valley.

It is no secret that this government and the Nationalist Party ruined whole areas of Malta and turned our villages into building sites overnight. Thank George and Lawrence for that.

So far so good. Fair comment. But then since MEPA is not competent then Joseph Muscat, the prostitute of land speculators, is right in pushing for more flats being built by dumping debris into the sea. Nothing new, just copying a Nationalist proposal made in the early 2000s. It was still on the books as recently as 2008.  First the Nationalists destroyed the land and now Labour wants to continue the destruction in the sea.

PLPN are full of political prostitutes – you cannot be an ecologist and support these people. They only understand one language – that of the ballot box.

“A. Mizzi”, whoever you are, to justify Joseph Muscat’s proposal for more destruction and flats on the sea by mentioning the destruction of part of a valley you have to be a complete idiot.

“La l-PN hexa l-Mosta, mela l-PL jista’ jahxi l-bahar” – x’mentalita!

(The story in

Il-qaħba milli jkollha ttik

June 21, 2012

Din il-mistoqsija u twegiba mill-intervista tas-Sunday Times ma’ Joseph Muscat tikxef il-borom kollha.

ST: Don’t you think that in the past 30-40 years too much damage has been inflicted on the environment and someone needs to say ‘that’s enough’?

JM: We’ve gone from one extreme to the other. Nowadays, we need to be realistic. If Mepa was set up during the Knights’ time, it would have probably barred them from building the President’s Palace. We need common sen­se. We can’t hide behind bureaucracy. This government blames Mepa when a permit isn’t issued – and then someone pulls a string to see it through.

Joseph Muscat qal li n-Nazzjonalisti marru minn estrem ghal iehor fejn jidhol l-ambjent. Hemm tlett possibiltajiet:

1. Jew ma jafx x’qed jghid u m’ghandux ghajnejh f’wiccu;

2. Jew huwa l-istess bhan-Nazzjonalisti u huwa fil-but tal-ispekulaturi;

3. Jew m’ghandux vizjoni.

Jista’ jkun li t-tlieta li huma. Jista’ Joseph igib xi ezempji ta’ fejn u kif il-gvern qed juri xi passjoni fid-difiza tal-ftit li baqa’? Hemm xi progett ta’ immaniggjar serju tal-kampanja? Hemm xi entuzjazmu kbir biex jitnaqqas it-tniggis mit-traffiku u l-power stations?

Jaqaw xi hadd li qed jimpalalkom l-eluf gie jeqred ghandek? Jaqaw trid tkompli bit-triq ta’ dal-gvern – gvern li ggverna fl-interessi tal-ispekulaturi?

Joseph – inkxift – m’ghandek l-ebda vizjoni. Tikkopja lin-Nazzjonalisti qieghed. Vera l-qahba milli jkollha ttik!

Fil-fatt il-PN u l-PL skip wiehed kbir – u mimli sa ruh ommu!

Did you really believe that PL is any different?

June 20, 2012

The interview on last Sunday’s ‘Sunday Times’ (17/06/2012) just goes to prove, if any proof were needed, that there isn’t much of a difference between PL and PN: they are both beholden to the land speculation lobby.

The mess created by George Pullicino and Lawrence Gonzi’s cabinet with the so called ‘rationalization scheme’ which turned whole areas of Malta into a construction site again should be fresh on everyone’s mind – we are still and will continue to suffer the consequences of this government’s or party’s (no difference really…) love affair with its funders for years to come. I’m not inventing the funding thing – Joe Saliba, former PN secretary general had confirmed this.

Not a whimper from Labour – in parliament its MPs were suggesting additional parcels of land to be included in the scheme. Labour activities in Hal Farrug have increased these couple of years too. One wonders why.

Do you remember Labour actively lobbying for a golf course in Ta’ Cenc in Gozo? And what about Gonzi’s statements that he’ll see to it that a golf course will be built in Xaghra l-Hamra? ‘Different’ parties, same logic.

And now we have Joseph whizzing off to Dubai and coming back excited about land reclamation – obviously, as usual without the details. Typical.

As regards land reclamation per se – this is nothing new – thousands of square metres of land were reclaimed from the sea for specific projects – from the Freeport, to roads along the coast, Msida and Qormi have areas reclaimed from the sea, whole quays are built on what was once sea. What Joseph means is a re-hash of what PN dreamt up as far back as the early 2000s. Pushed by their funders they waxed lyrical about more construction – flats, flats and more flats on artificial islands. As if we need more of that!

A MEPA report had concluded that the cost is so high that it can only be recovered by real estate on scale of SmartCity. The lies by the Nationalists about Smart City– who are addicted to the construction = growth mantra are joined by Labour’s promises, basing its economic proposals on the same mantra. It’s nothing new – they sing the same tunes, the Sunday Times interview is further confirmation of their lack of vision.

Labour seems to be basing policies on Joseph Muscat’s whims. Incidentally they are also similar to PN’s whims. Their approach is the same.

Surprisingly for some (not for me) when asked if he thinks that in the past 30-40 years too much damage has been inflicted on the environment and someone needs to say ‘that’s enough’, Joseph chirps that “We’ve gone from one extreme to the other. Nowadays, we need to be realistic. If Mepa was set up during the Knights’ time, it would have probably barred them from building the President’s Palace. We need common sense. We can’t hide behind bureaucracy.”

Incredible but true. It just confirms who is behind his phoney movement – the same people who fund or maybe used to fund PN. They are now hedging their bets on Muscat. Muscat is either living in cuckoo land or is copying straight out of PN’s pro-speculation and speculators’ phrase book. The development process is still skewed in favour of the developer – just look at the resources afforded to ‘planning’ in MEPA and the resources afforded to its environment protection directorate.

Labour or Nationalist – a vote for any of them won’t make any difference… If you vote based on principles, that is. Don’t let them fool you. Hit where it hurts – vote AD.

Not so smart…

June 13, 2012

Do you remember Lawrence and Austin bragging about the blocks of flats called ‘Smart City’? This quote from an interview with Smart City CEO carried in last Sunday’s Sunday Times is dedicated to all those who fell for their hype, exagerations and downright lies. In Malta they can get away with such things – who does this reflect badly on  – the electorate, them or on both? 

From an interview with Smart City carried in The Sunday Times Sunday, June 10, 2012, “In it for the long haul at Smart City”

( )


He argues that there is a wrong perception that Smart City Malta is meant to create the promised 5,000-plus jobs in the first year.

“Every time Smart City comes up, the 5,600 figure gets mentioned. It’s not 5,600 in the first year, it’s not in the second year, it takes time.

“It’s about 12 years, and the 5,600 might happen in the seventh year, it might happen in the 11th year, but is Smart City Malta only about that?”

But that is not quite what Tecom signed up to when the deal was sealed in 2007. According to its contractual obligations, Smart City Malta should have created in excess of 1,000 jobs by now, increasing to 2,000 by the end of this year.

In fact, had the government not fallen back on its side of the deal to demolish the Wied Għammieq sewage pumping station on the site, Smart City Malta could have been slapped with fines for failing to meet targets.

Legally speaking, the authorities’ failure bought Smart City more time, but the pumping station cannot have had any real impact on the management’s ability to sell the project.

So what happened to the projections?

Mr Abdulrahman’s answer is that the world has changed since the projections were made in 2007.

“If you had to do that study today, or better still, two years ago, you would not have come close to those figures. I think people are smart.” He points to the aftershock that the financial crash of 2008 had on the global economy and especially Dubai, which his team was targeting specifically as a source of substantial investment.

That may very well be the case but Smart City Malta kept being talked about in those terms well after the 2008 firestorm.

Is there a gap between the expectations raised about Smart City Malta and the situation on the ground? Again, he seems uncomfortable with the direction of the question.

“I’ve been explaining this for almost three years now. Does anybody care? It will happen regardless of anything.”

What does that mean?

“I don’t want to get into this area, I don’t want to get into the politics because it is not our area.”




Franco Debono u r-riformi

June 5, 2012

Franco Debono jsemmi riformi – gieli semma riformi bhal ligi dwar il-finanzjament tal-partiti u l-ligi elettorali.

Issa halliha li l-proposti dwar il-ligi tal-finanzjament tal-partiti bazikament lanqas biss jibdew jindirizzaw l-aspetti importanti li ghandhom jigu regolati – kull ma jaghmlu huwa li jikkonfermaw l-istatus quo.

L-istatus quo hija specjalita tal-Partit Nazzjonalista. Min johrog kandidat mal-PN imissu jafu dan.

Izda Franco Debono missu ilu li nduna li l-partit tieghu ma jinteressahx fir-riformi li jsemmi hu. Qatt ma kienu prijorita u qatt m’huma se jkunu. Frankament lanqas il-PL ma jinteressah. Jekk ma ndunax mela mhux jghix f’dinja.