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Defending “prostitute politicians”

June 26, 2012

The stupidities spouted by the one-brain-celled party supporters which infest this island is astounding. Everything goes as long as the ‘leader’ says so. Here is a comment made on about Joseph Muscat’s latest stupidity:


A. Mizzi

Today, 07:46

MEPA is not competent FULL-STOP especially after it’s recent blessing on the permit at MostaValley!

Malta can no longer afford MEPA and it’s decisions and appointment of Board Members should be by PUBLIC CALL and not from someone’s Yellow Pages!


The argument of this idiot goes something like this: MEPA is not competent.

…and it is not competent (or I would say, there is no political will to put an end to the destruction of what little remains of the countryside) because it approved a building permit in Mosta Valley.

It is no secret that this government and the Nationalist Party ruined whole areas of Malta and turned our villages into building sites overnight. Thank George and Lawrence for that.

So far so good. Fair comment. But then since MEPA is not competent then Joseph Muscat, the prostitute of land speculators, is right in pushing for more flats being built by dumping debris into the sea. Nothing new, just copying a Nationalist proposal made in the early 2000s. It was still on the books as recently as 2008.  First the Nationalists destroyed the land and now Labour wants to continue the destruction in the sea.

PLPN are full of political prostitutes – you cannot be an ecologist and support these people. They only understand one language – that of the ballot box.

“A. Mizzi”, whoever you are, to justify Joseph Muscat’s proposal for more destruction and flats on the sea by mentioning the destruction of part of a valley you have to be a complete idiot.

“La l-PN hexa l-Mosta, mela l-PL jista’ jahxi l-bahar” – x’mentalita!

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