Gherf iddistillat

Gherf iddistillat minn (sadanittant il-kummenti riprodotti hawn taht tnehhew mis-sit). It-tieni kumment ahjar minn tal-ewwel… ‘who plays with fire he will be in a great danger to be burnt’ … xi jrid jghid biha? Li jbiccruk bid-daqqiet sakemm tmut? Simon Bonello madoff ihossu imbezza, miskin! Trid tkun vera kretin biex taghmel kumment bhal dan biex tiggustifika qtil.

Insomma, gherf iddistillat minn Simon Bonello u Anthony Arpa (is-sistema edukattiva ma tantx halliet effett pozittiv fuqu mid-dehra, ghax l-izbalji fl-ingliz lanqas tal-primarja ma jaghmluhom). Mentalita tal-biki u tal-biza.


Simon Bonello

Today, 09:53

Now it feels like I am not safe here either…… I had that feeling since you’ve been arriving here

 Reply to Simon Bonello



Anthony Arpa

Today, 09:31

Migrants said : ‘We’re all afraid now’
No one lives in fear on this democrating Island .This as far one lives a decent life here and make sure to obey our Laws and Orders. Then who plays with fire he will be in a great danger to be burnt … The Maltese are the most Kind and Friendly People in the World, but still they have their own limits too ….
This is a Nice Free Country where one can Live Happily in Peace.

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