Two years too late

A motion about the use of heavy fuel oil for the BWSC plant at Delimara has been presented in Parliament by Nationalist MP Franco Debono.

I am afraid that Franco Debono is two years too late. On May 6, 2010, he could have voted against the way the BWSC contract was awarded. The problem is that the parliamentary debate that day degenerated into the usual cat-calling and ridiculous style of tribalism as practised by the Nationalist and Labour parties, when Mario Galea voted against the government, presumably by mistake, and, according to Nationalist MPs, Justyne Caruana voted with the government. Whether this is true or not makes no difference.

Instead of discussing the issue at hand, Gonzi and Muscat spent weeks trading insults and nitpicking about the voting procedure. In the meantime, the awarding of the BWSC contract went ahead and we’re all stuck with heavy fuel oil.

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