The EP is not a rubber stamp

Today (7 November 2012) there was a rather patronizing letter in The Times by a certain Anthony Cachia Castelletti. Anthony Cachia Castelletti’s arguments regarding support or the lack of it for Tonio Borg’s nomination as EU Commissioner verge on the ridiculous.

It is clear that Mr Cachia Castelletti is not used to properly functioning parliaments were nominations to posts such as ministers are scrutinised by parliament based on the opinions, policies and track record of the nominee. Mr Cachia Castelletti expects MEPs to ignore the sending back of Eritreans to face torture and a murderous regime, when there was clear advice not to do so. If the majority of MEPs do not agree with the nomination of Tonio Borg he will not be approved – it’s as simple as that. It is also called democracy. Rubber stamping is not on – that happens in Malta but not in the European Parliament.

In the Maltese parliament it is the majority of MPs who through their support to government accept and indirectly choose Ministers. It is no different in the European Parliament where MEPs choose who to support or not as EU Commissioner.

Mr Cachia Castelletti expects that because the PN government can run roughshod over all and sundry here in Malta that the same should happen in the European Parliament, and has the cheek to demand approval of Tonio Borg’s nomination just because he said so.

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