Happy clappy for Dr Tonio and Mr Borg


When somebody even dares opposing their darlings, Nationalist sycophants such as Antoine Vella come out of the woodwork and scream blue murder.

Here is his contribution about Dr Tonio and Mr Borg in The Times today: http://www.timesofmalta.com/articles/view/20121119/letters/Extremists-moral-violence.445971.

Vella, in the old fascist and ‘corporativist’ tradition expects 100% of MEPs from all groups to support Dr Tonio and Mr Borg. He expects everyone to forget his game of saying one thing in Malta and another in the EP. He expects everyone to forget that he opposed gender quotas in Malta but changes tune in a couple of hours in Brussels. He expects everyone to forget that Dr Tonio (or was it Mr Borg?) sent a plane load of Eritreans to torture and death when advised of their probable predicament by international agencies. Some can see through the rhetoric and hyperbole. “Tkellem tajjeb” is not a good enough reason to support him. “Ghax Malti” is an even stupider reason.

The real reason for sending Dr Tonio and Mr Borg to Brussels was that it suits Lawrence Gonzi because he wants Simon Busuttil as Deputy Leader. Sycophants like Vella expect everyone to play their games.

Another thing most people have failed to notice is that the silly clapping during Dr Tonio and Mr Borg’s hearing came from some EPP MEPs – led by a fawning Simon Busuttil and from Nationalist sycophants working in Brussels. The hearing’s chairperson’s comment:”This is not a football match” hit the mark. Probably they thought they were under a “tinda” somewhere in Malta adulating their “kap” – what a bunch of ridiculous people.

These people think they are the ‘chosen ones’ – on a God-given mission to lead the flock. As the Maltese saying goes – “sabu kappell jigihom”.

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